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Shopping in Sydney: awnings vs plantation shutters

There are great differences between awnings and plantation shutters, but it is common to be choosing between them. Both are window coverings that help control light, privacy and temperature – and they are popular in Sydney. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of awnings vs plantation shutters, with consideration for the climate and lifestyle of people living in Sydney.

plantation shutters sydney

Plantation shutters for beauty
Plantation shutters Sydney are one of the most beautiful window coverings that you can imagine. They are elegant and graceful, and you will be inspired when you see the light filter through them and dance around the room. If you are planning on creating a relaxed area, like a study or a formal lounge room, you will be benefit more from installing plantation shutters.

Awnings for an alfresco area
plantation shutters sydney To create an alfresco area, you will most certainly need to install awnings. Not only will they cool down and protect the inside of a property, they can be extended from the exterior of a building, to create shade over tables and chairs. Plantation shutters may be a better option if you do not have the space to create such an area. Small apartments in inner-city Sydney may not even have balconies to install an awning over. If this is your situation, chose shutters instead.

Plantation shutters on historic homes
Older homes will benefit from plantation shutters as they have a classic look to them. They can be confidently added to a historic Sydney home, without any concerns about mismatching. Plantation shutters provide a mature and sophisticated look.

Awnings for a modern appearance
Alternatively, choose awnings for a modern appearance. There are many progressive designs for awnings these days, and they complement new apartments and contemporary homes. The angles that they create on the exterior of a building are dramatic and eye-catching – perfect for a new and exciting look.

Plantation shutters for a long-term solution
plantation shutters sydney Because plantation shutters are not exposed to the elements like awnings are, they will last longer and be a future investment for your property. They are made from solid and sturdy materials, and will even contribute to a higher property value if you ever decide to sell.

Shop in Sydney for awnings and shutters
Exploring the marketplace is a great way to make a decision. Fortunately, if you live in Sydney you will have a full range of providers to choose from. You will have access to the latest styles, designs and materials. You may even enjoy the experience of testing and touching the wares on offer. Shopping for window coverings should be exciting, because they will transform your home and your lifestyle once they have been installed.

Remember to ask for a free measure and quote, because this will help you determine the exact price that you will need to pay. Also ask about discounted materials from last season, or special deals for large projects. You can also ask for expert advice on the best decision for your Sydney home – awnings or plantation shutters?

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