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Plantation shutters on older Sydney homes

Plantation shutters Sydney homes Plantation shutters have a long history. They were originally used by home owners who did not have enough money to install glass. Even when glass became cheaper, shutters continued to be used and a few decades ago they were redesigned especially for Australia’s conditions.

The long history of plantation shutters and the hot climate of Australian cities make them the perfect choice for older houses in Sydney. Plantation shutters look exceptional contemporary homes, but they fit right in with the classic style of older houses.

The historic homes of Sydney
Sydney has some impressive mansions, especially on the north shore in suburbs like Mosman. These large and old homes look wonderful but they need to be continuously maintained and restored. Features such as shutters and window coverings often need to be replaced, and plantation shutters are frequently chosen as they complement the look of the period that the home was built in.

Plantation shutters Sydney homes Even homes that never had shutters installed in the first place, can benefit from new shutters. Home owners may choose to install shutters on an older home as an addition to the property, because the look is maintained while the benefits of temperature and air control can be offered also.

The benefits of plantation shutters
Plantation shutters Sydney homes are highly flexible as they can be opened or closed, and the slats on the shutters can be adjusted accordingly to your needs. Sydney is a crowded city and privacy is often difficult to attain, especially in suburbs where houses are built close together. Plantation shutters allow for maximum privacy, so neighbours and people walking past on the street cannot peer into your rooms. This is highly desirable when you are working in a home office, sleeping in your bedroom, or relaxing in front of the television at night. Your home should be your sanctuary, and plantation shutters offer you a personal space.

While maintaining privacy, plantation shutters do not restrict the flow of air and light into the room, so you will never feel like you are trapped inside away from the world. Enjoy the natural comforts that are available to you, without needing to keep all of your windows wide open.

Plantation shutters do not need to be used on all of your windows, and you may use them alongside other window coverings such as curtains or blinds. They are highly popular on kitchen and bathroom windows, even if these are the only rooms in the house that they are used in.

Tips for buying shutters
Plantation shutters Sydney homes Home owners of older properties will most likely be very concerned about making the right purchase for their building and their needs. If your property has a high value, ensure that you respect it with the best quality shutters. You will be making a long-term investment as shutters are usually sold with a home, increase property value, and make a home a more desirable sale.

Choose a reputable provider of plantation shutters that has an extensive collection of products in a variety of materials. They should offer you a free measure and quote, and installation of your shutters by a competent professional.

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